Eco Friendly Flip Flops

Travelling Light and Eco-Friendly: Packing Tips for the Sustainable Traveller!

Exploring new destinations is exciting, but as eco-conscious travellers, the challenge is not just deciding where to go, but how...

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The Environmental Impact of Flip Flops & Flip Flop Pollution

In the scorching summer months, flip flops become the go-to footwear for people all over the world. They’re easy to...

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Why Sustainable Fashion Matters

Fast fashion is an ever-increasing issue these days – contributing to pollution, climate change and more. One of the lesser-known...

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Flip Flops

Waves Flip Flops Buying Guide

Practical, comfortable, and stylish, flip flops, also known worldwide as thongs, jandals, and slops, are the perfect footwear all year...

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How to Style Flip Flops All Year Round!

Finding the perfect footwear for each season can be difficult. While you may think that flip flops are a summer,...

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Why Flips Flops Are The Perfect Footwear All Year Round

Flip flops aren’t just for summer! Although we don’t have the longest summers here in the UK, our flip flops...

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Pine Cones

How to be more eco-friendly this holiday season

The holiday season might be many peoples favourite time of year, but we often overlook the environmental impact it has...

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Easy Steps Towards Living a Plastic Free Life

Living a plastic-free life is easier than most people may think, and it can be done relatively quickly, even if...

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Light Blue Flip Flops

Why is Ethical and Sustainable Clothing Important?

Most people when asked will approve of doing good while understanding the need for it too. However, they may not...

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Vegan Flip Flops

5 Sustainable Clothing Brands That’ll Brighten Up Your Wardrobe!

We’ve selected some of our favourite sustainable clothing brands that you can add to your sustainable clothing collections to brighten...

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