Waves Flip Flops Buying Guide

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Waves Flip Flops Buying Guide

Practical, comfortable, and stylish, flip flops, also known worldwide as thongs, jandals, and slops, are the perfect footwear all year round, but how can you be sure they’re right for you? We’ve got a great selection of flip flops perfect for a day at the beach or just lounging at home.


Rubber is usually the most common construction material you’ll find flip flops are made from. The rubber allows for a comfy fit offering a good amount of cushioning and anti-slip capabilities, here at Waves, we make all of our flip flops from natural rubber that’s ethically sourced from Sri Lanka! Other materials such as foam, plastic and leather can be used for flip flops, which all offer various benefits, plastic and leather flip flops last a long time and are durable but can’t be recycled, so they usually end up in landfills.

Flip Flop Types

All of our flip flops are created with holidays and beach days in mind. We follow the classic flip flop style you’re used to, perfect for beach days or gentle city strolls. From simple designs that go with pretty much any outfit, to patterned designs that stand out from the crowd. If you’re heading from the sand to the street then you’ll happy to hear that Waves flip flops are durable and supportive on your feet – perfect if you’re heading from the beach to the bar!

Ethical & Eco-Friendly

Here at Waves, we make our flip flops from 100 per cent natural rubber, a compound that breaks down harmlessly in the ground. Making our flip flops better for the environment than recycled plastic flip flop alternatives. Whether it’s men’s flip flops, women’s flip flops or our unisex collection that you’re interested in you can be sure you’ll be buying much more than just your standard recycled flip flop.

Fit & Sizing

When buying flip flops it’s important to get the sizing perfect. We recommend choosing a size that means you can see around ½ inch of sole around your foot. This ensures you get the perfect fit, improved comfort and reduces your chance of injury.


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