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At Waves, we understand that comfort is important to you as you stroll along the beach, hand in hand with your loved one or with the little ones in tow. We know all-too well that uncomfortable, pinching and rubbing footwear can sour even the most idyllic beach holiday. We also know that in these eco-conscious times, our discerning customers demand a better class of flip flop. One that won’t damage the environment or short change the people who work so hard to make them.

That’s where we come in! We’re confident that not only are our flip flops the most eco-friendly on the market… they’re also the comfiest.

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The environmental cost of cheap flip flops

Often we fail to remember to pack our flip flops when we fly away and resort to buying a cheap pair either at the airport or from a seaside vendor. The trouble is that these are rarely built to last. And when they (inevitably) break, snap or tear, they’re thrown unceremoniously into landfill.

There, they can leach harmful microplastics into our oceans, damaging marine life such as fish and birds as well as marine plants and people all around the world who rely on the sea to feed themselves.

We at Waves are passionate about changing this trend… one pair of feet at a time with our environmentally friendly flip flops.

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Sustainable and eco-friendly flip flops

Our flip flops are 100% environmentally friendly, ethically sourced, made from natural materials and completely plastic free. We make our stylish and comfortable flip flops from natural rubber sourced and manufactured in Sri Lanka.

Rubber is completely biodegradable, recyclable and reusable as well as being durable and hard wearing. Our flip flops are for life. Not just for summer. What’s more, we go all-in on sustainability by recycling worn & used waves flip flops as well as the rubber off cuts from production to make new products rather than letting the rubber that our team have worked so hard to process simply biodegrade.

Our favourite eco flip flops

Ethically Sourced

We believe that stylish flip flops shouldn’t come at the expense of the planet or the people who make them. Our rubber is ethically sourced and our suppliers work under fair trade conditions. We work with the Fair Rubber Association to ensure that even though our customers get exceptional value for money, our rubber workers get a fair deal. Ethics are important to us and you can read all about how we ensure a fair deal for our workers here.

Our customers help our valued workers in Sri Lanka to enjoy fair pay and good working and living conditions. So give yourself a pat on the back!

Ethical Flip Flops

Comfortable and stylish

Of course, it’s all well and good having an ethical and sustainable product. But even the most eco-conscious customer isn’t going to want to wear uncomfortable or ugly flip flops. Fortunately, our flip flops are not only stylish, we think they’re the comfiest you’ll ever wear! The foam rubber itself is extremely light and soft so there’s no uncomfortable pinching or rubbing. We also incorporate smart technology to give your feet a treat when you wear our flip flops.

The rubber in our flip flops moulds itself to the shape of your foot when you wear them, meaning that you get all the support you need, exactly where you need it most. The rubber also moulds to the shape of your toes, thereby eliminating the pesky pinching and rubbing that can occur when wearing cheap, low-quality plastic flip flops.

More Of Our Eco Friendly Flip Flops

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Flip Flops For Everyone

We make flip flops for everybody. Flip flops for guys, gals and our enby pals with men’swomen’s and unisex flip flops to be enjoyed by all. Suitable for all ages and styles. We’re quite certain that wherever your tastes lie, you’re sure to find something in our great value range to suit you. We make flip flops for all kinds of sizes from size 3 to size 11.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out our selection of eco-friendly flip flops for yourself.

Heading towards a more sustainable future, feet first!

Whether you’re looking for a comfy new pair of flip flops to take on your next international adventure or simply looking for some comfy footwear in which to lounge around the house, you can always rest assured that our flip flops look good and are built to last while also flying the flag for ethics and sustainability at fast-fashion prices!

Eco-Friendly Flip Flops
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