How to be more eco-friendly this holiday season

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The holiday season might be many peoples favourite time of year, but we often overlook the environmental impact it has year after year! Without putting a damper on your Christmas spirit, here are some of our top tips to enjoy a more eco-friendly and sustainable Christmas this year.

Recycle Wrapping

Wrapping up presents is something that seems so innocent around Christmas time, but your choice of wrapping paper can have a big impact on your carbon footprint around this time of year. Switching from regular store-bought wrapping paper which often includes plastic films and is mass-produced every year, to something more sustainable is a great first step. Get creative, whether you opt to buy some recycled wrapping paper or make your own using some repurposed paper bags, newspaper, old sheet music, or brown paper. Finish them off with some natural string for a great plastic-free wrapping paper alternative.

DIY Decorations

There are so many ways to create your own Christmas decorations that are great value and eco-friendly at the same time! From organic wreaths to pine cone ornaments, avoiding plastic baubles and tinsel is a great way to have a plastic-free Christmas. Creating your own planet-friendly decorations is also a great way to keep the kids entertained during the holidays too! Not feeling too creative? Purchase handmade & local decorations to support local, sustainable and ethical businesses around you. Just try to avoid tinsel as it’s one of the worst offenders around this time of year.

Organic & local food

We go through more food at Christmas time than any other time of year, so it’s no surprise this is an area we can all reduce our Christmas carbon footprint. Buy local, seasonal and organic food where possible, from local greengrocers to your local butchers. If you want to take it one step further you can even go vegetarian or vegan to minimise your use of animal products at the dinner table. Don’t stop there, if you’ve got leftovers, you can freeze them and save them for some great new meals. If it can’t be frozen, see what can be donated to your nearest foodbank or composted.

Gift mindfully

Gift-giving is one of the biggest causes of waste around Christmas. The plastic packaging and unwanted gifts are hard to recycle and will most likely end up on landfill. Don’t shop for the sake of it, the holidays are a great excuse to get creative with personal and thoughtful gifts made by hand! If you are buying gifts, try to shop concisely by choosing sustainable and eco-friendly products with minimal packaging. Our sustainable flip flops are a great gift for those environmentally conscious beach lovers around the world!


Don’t stop there, if you’re already doing all of the above but want to help some more why not donate? Take a look through your wardrobes and cupboards for any unused gifts or clothes that can be donated to local charities, hospitals or homeless shelters.

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