Vegan Flip Flops From Waves

Vegan Flip Flops

We sell vegan flip flops. At Waves we love the fact that we can say that, and know it’s true.

We take the environment seriously, and that includes animals. It’s important to us that our flip flops don’t only save the environment, but that all of our flip flops are vegan friendly too. Because being kind to animals is just in our nature.

Yes, some of our collection can be found in bright colours, we even sell neon flip flops. But all of these colours are created with no animal derivatives in any of the dye. It’s the best of both worlds – bright colours and vegan flip flops at the same time.

We can proudly say that we also sell solely natural rubber flip flops as well. By using 100% natural rubber with the Fair Rubber certification “stamp”  we can be sure that wildlife is being protected all the way back to the plantations too.

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Shop All Flip Flops Free UK delivery on all orders