Recycle your old flip flops with us!

Recycle Your Old Flip Flops With Us

And receive a 10% discount

Here at Waves, we want to make caring for the planet as easy for our customers as possible. That’s why we have developed our recycling scheme for your old flip flops. Not only will we make sure that your old flip flops don’t end up in landfill but as a thank you, we will also give you 10% off your next purchase with us.

You can recycle your old flip flops in three easy steps:

1 – Send your old pair to: Waves UK, PO BOX 1034, Horsham, RH12 9UJ. Feel free to remove the straps from the soles if you think this will make your postage costs lower (we think you should be able to get down to a large letter but please check before you post as we can’t accept anything that has an unpaid postage charge) .
2 – Include your email address in your return (so we can send you your 10% off code)
3 – We receive your Flip Flops and send you 10% off for your next order with us.

We will be using two methods to recycle flip flops.

1 – If they are Waves, and so we can guarantee that they are 100% rubber, we will be taking them to a local rubber recycling plant where they will be turned into things such as rubber matting for children’s playgrounds.
2 – All other brands – We will be using a Terracycle zero waste box. Once full, we will return to Terracycle for Upcycling/Recycling.