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All waves flip flops are FSC® (C009557) certified.

Are you looking for the best men’s flip flops with ethics built into the purchase? Well, you have come to the right place! Stay cool on your next beach day at home or abroad, we’ve got all your flip flop styles covered. Keep it simple or make a statement with our range of fantastic, fun flip flop designs that look incredible and are produced in a way that helps save the planet while providing a boost to local communities. We stock men’s sizes 3-11 and offer free UK delivery.

100% Vegan. 100% Sustainable. 100% Waves.

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More About Men's Flip Flops

If you want minimal flip flops, with simple, effortlessly cool designs we have you covered here. Our men’s flip flops are available in several different shades. You’re guaranteed to be able to find the option that suits you the most. You won’t have to worry about being embarrassed about flip flops that look dated and boring on the beach.

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As well as being ideal for staying green and living in a way that is completely eco-friendly, our men’s flip flops are durable and will last for years. That’s true, regardless of where you use them whether you’re on the sand or in the waves. Light yet tough, these flip flops will feel like a dream while still protecting your feet! They even change to match your individual foot shape to provide the ultimate level of comfort.

We even have flip flops for men with a printed design. With this option, you can add a splash of colour with a fun choice that is sure to look fantastic. Our printed design uses bold yellow and blue shades on a black background for a fantastic finish. Whichever design you choose, you can be guaranteed a high standard of quality with flip flops that will withstand the test of time.

Stay Green And Save The Sea!

There is a vast range of benefits to investing in our beautiful and stylish environmentally friendly men’s flip flops. Did you know that thousands of flip flops are lost in the sea every year? Plastic flip flops that are lost break into tiny pieces that pollute the ocean. While man made artificial rubber flip flops flood the sea with petroleum pollutants.

We aim to provide the ultimate exception with men’s flip flops that look great and help save the planet. As well as being 100% recyclable, our flip flops are actually made from worn or torn flip flops that are made of the same materials. By doing this, we make sure that our customers become part of the solution, rather than the problem. You can enjoy the waves without worrying about what happens to the ocean if your flip flops get lost in the water.

Ethic Absolutes

We know that many modern buyers want the peace of mind that they are buying products that are helping the world. That’s why we’re pleased to say that our natural rubber is sourced under fair trade conditions and we guarantee that workers receive the fair trade premium.

Our aim is to make sure that we provided products that look great, feel fantastic and help those who are key to the production of our products. When you buy our men’s flip flops, you’ll know that you are helping provide key members of our production team in Sri Lanka with a safe, fair and sustainable livelihood.

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