How to Style Flip Flops All Year Round!

Finding the perfect footwear for each season can be difficult. While you may think that flip flops are a summer, beach-time-only shoe, we are here to convince you otherwise. Let’s dive into which styles work best for each season and how you can mix and match.


When spring springs into action, some colours just work best. Think pastels, soft but bright warm colours. Think the Easter Bunny and dyeing eggs. Soft pinks, purples, robin’s egg blue, kumquat orange. When the proverbial (or literal) snow has melted, the weather is warming up, go for the simple pastel colours when choosing flip flops.


It’s beach time! Across the sand, out on the coastline, along the river, summer is the time to rock those tropical prints, your sunshine yellows, and deep turquoises. Fun in the sun means 80’s retro looks, seashell patterns, anything that reminds you of the ocean blue, be it at home, in Mallorca, Bali, or Curacao. Bright, high-energy colours are the way to go for summertime flip flops.


Just because the weather is cooling off doesn’t mean you have to give up that open-toed life! Jeans or yoga pants with black or brown flip flops are totally legit nowadays. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!


Okay, now it’s cold out. In reality, at this point, if you’re wearing flip flops you are wearing them indoors, either in your home or in the locker room at the gym. Or you live somewhere tropical, and seasons don’t matter. Rock that snowflake white look, your holiday reds, and greens. Even customise your pair of flip flops with fuzzy straps. Yes! So much, yes!

Year-Round Styles

What’s your favourite colour? Get a pair of flip flops in that colour. Be yourself, and let your light shine! Who cares what other people think? Confidence in yourself and your look is what matters. If you like it, then that’s what counts.


As we’ve discussed above, flip flops aren’t just for the beach anymore. There are plenty of fashion-forward style choices you can make that could include flip flops. Comfort matters! Flip flops are a great way to keep your feet happy.

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