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Flip flops made from FSC® (C009557) certified natural rubber.
All waves flip flops are FSC® (C009557) certified

Waves Natural Rubber Flip Flops

Flip flops have long been a firm footwear favourite. Although you may not realise it they often contain man made petroleum based rubber and plastics such as EVA, BPA & polyurethane. As well as polluting our oceans, these materials can be less comfortable than natural rubber.

Our natural rubber flip flops are made from natural rubber and are designed with both your feet and the planet in mind. The natural rubber means our flip flops contain Zero Plastic! Available in men’s, women’s, and unisex designs, we offer an ethical flip flop alternative for everyone. That means you can look after your planet while still enjoying your favourite footwear.


To learn about why our flip flops are a positive spin on traditional recycled flip flops click here.

Natural Rubber Flip Flops

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Finding A Flip Flop That Suits

Our FSC® (C009557) certified natural rubber flip flops are great for both men & women with a unisex range also available. We offer our range of bright & sleek designs in sizes UK 3-11, whatever your style we are sure you will find a flip flop you love in one of our collections.

Our styles come up true to size, but if you are in any doubt, you can check out our conversion chart or email customer service on That way, you will get the comfort we’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Our Flip Flops won’t leave you strapless this summer

Fed up of throwing poor quality flip flops away at the end of every summer? The natural rubber in our toe straps has high tensile strength meaning they are unlikely to crack, snap or pop out unlike the synthetic straps found on other flip flops! With our soles, you may find they wear differently due to the natural elasticity in our rubber versus synthetics, therefore, overtime they may compact or mould down in different areas depending on your gait or pronation. It is the natural rubber properties that provide all round benefits for both your feet and the environment.



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Why choose Waves?

Our values play a big part in the manufacturing of our natural rubber flip flops.


We’re a caring bunch here at Waves. Looking after you and the environment also means we care about our production processes too. That’s why we source all our natural rubber from Fair Trade Sri Lankan rubber farms and are certified by the Fair Rubber Association. When you buy a pair of our flip flops, you can rest easy knowing exactly where they came from. We make sure every single Waves purchase supports Sri Lankan rubber farming communities, allowing them to achieve sustainable and safe livelihoods.

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The environment is kind of our thing. Our natural rubber flip flops are championing the cause. Let’s face it; the human made and plastic elements in standard beach-bought flip flops are yet another cause for pollution in our oceans. We’re trying to turn that around by offering entirely natural, vegan alternatives. The natural rubber found in every single one of our flip flops offers environmental benefits including Eco-Friendly production, Durability, Reusability and Biodegradable.

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