Top Beachy Backpacking Locations

Whitsundays, Australia

Is there anything better than casting your Waves flip flops off and splashing around in bath-temperature ocean waters with nothing but swaying palms for company? Even the most intrepid explorers love a day at the beach. If you’re planning a beach break, and you’re looking forward to reclining in the sun and spotting brightly-coloured fish darting through coral reefs, or the surf is calling, we’ve put together a list of the top beachy backpacking locations to visit when world travel is back to normality!

Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays, Australia

The East Coast of Australia is a bona fide rite of passage for backpackers looking to enjoy the thrills and spills Oz has to offer. Airlie Beach is a firm favourite with travellers from all corners of the globe, and it provides a lively launchpad for adventures out at sea. Just a metaphorical stone’s throw from the well-trodden tracks and bustling bars, beach lovers can zone out, soak up the sun and embrace the tranquil vibes of the wondrous Whitsundays. A scintillating selection of tiny islands dotted off the coast, this is paradise found. The scenery is spectacular, there’s a vast array of trips available, including multi-day voyages, and you can choose to be as active or as languid as you like. Bask in the sunshine or try your hand at water sports. Don’t forget your thongs!

Uluwatu, Bali

Famed for its eco-friendly beaches, Uluwatu is one of the most popular surf spots in Bali. It was surfers who first started adopting measures to keep the beach clean and promote green tourism, launching a beach cleaning patrol back in 2008. The views here are stunning, the waves magnificent, and the best bit, the community has come together with local businesses, hotels and tourists to actively promote environmentally-friendly practices. From Uluwatu, there are all kinds of magical experiences and excursions on offer, from island hopping across Indonesia to discovering Bali’s inimitable cultural heartland, Ubud.

Playa Blanca, Costa Rica

A land of tropical jungles, rolling waves, golden beaches and imposing mountains and volcanoes, Costa Rica has emerged as a bucket list essential for backpackers with a sense of adventure. A lush, verdant gem located in Central America, Costa Rica is a perennial feature of annual lists of the world’s top eco hotspots. Nestled on the Pacific Coast, Playa Blanca is one of the country’s most beautiful beaches. A dazzling white stretch of sand, it is surrounded by azure waters on one side and vibrant green forests on the other. For those who fancy starring in their own version of Castaway or Treasure Island, this is an idyll you won’t want to miss.


There’s nothing like the feel of sand in your toes and the sun on your skin. If you’re looking for inspiration for a beachy backpacking adventure, look no further than these fabulous destinations. Famed for their awe-inspiring scenery and good vibes, as well as a commitment to eco-tourism, these locations tick all of the boxes. Get ready to kick back, chill out, recharge the batteries and take in the views. Don’t forget to pack sun cream, shades, and of course, your Waves plastic-free, recycled flip flops!

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