How to organise your own beach clean!

Beach Clean

How to organise your own beach clean!

There’s nothing quite like heading to the beach for some sun, sand and vitamin sea! The sand in your toes, the sea to swim in and enjoy, and the beautiful scenery and fresh air. One worrying trend you’ll find on beaches from around the globe is the growing litter being washed ashore. From old plastic flip flops to empty bottles and toothbrushes, the beaches are really seeing everything now, and it isn’t pretty. So what can you do to change this? You might want to organise your very own beach clean-up! It’s simpler than you might think and these tips could help you do it.

Identify a clean-up site

One of the first things that you could do would be to identify a clean-up site. This involves finding a location that could do with some attention from you cleaning up any rubbish and litter. You may want to identify a busy beach that gets a lot of footfall, or perhaps a more secluded spot. However, you may need to get permission from local authorities for your clean up event, so check this before going ahead and scheduling it.

Have an event coordinator that can manage

You might want to think about highlighting someone who could be the event coordinator. They will likely be the one person that people can check in with and also obtain the supplies they need in order to take part in the beach clean-up.

Promote promote promote!

The more people at a beach clean-up the better. Spread the word that you’re running a beach clean on social media, set-up an event for people to join and share. It might even get picked up by local news outlets if you’re lucky! Depending on where you are in the world there will be varying amounts to clean up, countries such as New Zealand & Japan will require less effort to clean when compared to Indonesia and India.

Get the supplies

Before you go on your beach clean you may need to get stock of the supplies that you will need. This includes things such as rubbish bags and protective gloves. You might also want to think about having a first aid kit to hand, as well as coolers filled with water. This will be especially important on hot days. Last of all hand sanitiser and some sun protection should also be on hand.

Recycling items correctly

It is important that not only that rubbish is collected off the beaches but you also dispose of it in the right way. It might be worth doing some research in the local area for things such as recycling specialists. They will be best to advise on how you could recycle certain materials and where to do it. Knowing this ahead of time will enable you to dispose of any rubbish you have collected quickly and responsibly.

Get local businesses involved

If you want to gain a bit of publicity for your event then why not get local businesses involved? You could advertise their business on adverts for the beach clean up and they can support the cause by offering drinks and snacks to the volunteers that have come along.

So there you have it. Some of the best tips to help you organise a beach clean up, get out there and start planning yours!

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